Yoga ~ 8 Things in 16 Days

I’m on a yoga kick again ~ for sixteen of the last twenty-one days I’ve grabbed my yoga DVD and sat down on the floor in sukhasana (aka criss-cross applesauce). For 25 minutes I stretch, reach, breathe deeply, bend and flow through movements that do my body good. After two years of a lot of fits and starts in the fitness arena, my body was feeling it. But our bodies are amazing, in short order my body is functioning better ~ rewarding me with moving about more easily and with much less creaking and stiffness!

Here are 8 things I’ve noticed in 16 days of yoga:

  1.  Day 1 – my fingers couldn’t quite touch the floor in my forward bend — day 4 fingers touched down! #reasontocelebrate
  2.  Week 1 cool downs –  when it was time to stretch by grabbing onto my foot, I could not. Or even my ankle, just my shin. Three weeks later I could reach my foot with both hands! Whoop Whoop!
  3.  My clothes fit better. Enough said.
  4.  Having fitness under control has “magically” affected discipline in other areas. Discipline is contagious.
  5.  I have more energy, a wonderful side effect!
  6. My planks still look a little more like downward dogs, but it’s totally fine :D
  7. Day 1 & 2: when drawing my legs into my chest and extending them back they felt like pillars. of. lead. but now they feel strong and move so much more fluidly.
  8. I’m just so much more flexible and have a lot more energy. I’m also feeling more balanced and strong. This seems especially important now that I’m in my 50’s.

Bonus: My dog joins me in these sessions – sometimes from her bed with an eye on every move, sometimes next to my mat, sometimes on my mat.

 My favorite yoga DVD is this one ~ Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners. (I’ve sent this to so many people!) If you’ve never tried yoga I encourage you to try the Hatha one first, when you’re super comfortable with that one, try the Flow. If you have a favorite yoga DVD, share with me please in the comments! 

2 thoughts on “Yoga ~ 8 Things in 16 Days

  1. Okay, this has inspired me get back on the band wagon. I did yoga one day last week and felt great. Got home a few days later and thought, “I should really do that again!” But instead opted to reach my hands to the ceiling, breathe out, twist right and left. And then proceed to crawl into bed and call it good!

    1. Hey, at least you thought about it, followed through on some reaching and stretching – and then got the rest your body needed! Can’t wait to hear how you feel after you’re back at it! :)

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