A place to land


An odd sight for sure, this bird house hanging off my house. But it makes me smile everyday because it’s evidence of a sweet act of kindness.

Here’s how it got there…

Several weeks ago two birds were hanging out on the corner of that roof for two days singing, singing & singing. On day three I noticed they were tearing into a small spot of rotting wood. By day five they had opened an impressive, though frustrating, gaping hole. I watched as they carried in this and that to build their nest, and I sent a picture to Kevin.

After Kevin got home from work he retrieved the ladder to inspect these squatters, discovering a nest in process but no eggs. With no building permit posted, he cleaned out their construction, temporarily boarded up and sealed the entry to clearly communicate “No Vacancy”.

The next morning the racket over their eviction was on the edge of panic. Though I knew Kevin didn’t remove eggs, you would’ve thought their babies were inside; I sent videos and pictures to him of the ruckus. At some point he texted back, “Do you think there’s a place to mount a bird house for them?” (I thought he meant in the backyard.)

That evening the ladder came back out and this simple “AirBirdnBird” was offered ~ not in the backyard but right where these birds thought they needed a place. The pair moved in within two days and began coming and going, singing and looking in my kitchen window, “You’re welcome” I said to them. The babies soon arrived and for weeks there was much activity and many songs, all becoming a sweet spot in my days.

This saga caused me think about extending kindness and refuge to others. The world is big, and there are so many issues that feel overwhelming, loud, messy and beyond my capacity. But what about the things and people who are within my reach? Am I kind to all? Even the uninvited squawkers? Do I offer a safe spot to land for the person who has a tender heart; who maybe needs to rest on a corner for a minute, an hour or more? Do I listen and care for the person, even if I’m not aligned with something? Do I make concessions for the things that cross my path that weren’t a part of my plan for the day? Am I generous in what I extend? Am I aware of the panicked songs around me? Can I serve in a way that settles the panic of another into a song?

All good questions for me to truthfully ponder.

These pushy, loud, little birds became a sweet part of my days, I miss them now that their babies have flown the nest. My husband is in the process of mending this corner of the roof and will move the bird house to the back yard where we hope they make a return visit next year. But also, he’s decided to add a winter roost to the side of our garage for the ones who might be looking for a spot when it gets cold.

It’s what we can offer, so we will.

Sometimes You Just Feel Like You’re in Middle School Again…

Tonight it was as if I was back in the 7th grade lunchroom. Let me explain, my sister and I are going to the Super Bowl on Sunday (Her job often has some pretty fantastic perks – and I am the beneficiary of this particular golden ticket!! More on that later.)

We were both originally arriving today, but a last minute change of plans, due to her job, meant I am here now and she will be here in the morning. I checked in, called my family to tell them I arrived – sent a picture of my view  (we are across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium!) and then needed to make a decision about dinner.

Dinner…..hmmmm…..what to do. Eating alone at home is completely different from eating alone in a restaurant. Room service was an option, but I decided I was confident enough to go down and see what the hotel had to offer. The first place I saw was the bar, it looked nice. But I walked around and saw what looked like a really nice restaurant ~ possible, but probably too awkward. I saw two fast food places. Hmmmm…that sounded easy, get something and take it back upstairs. But I really didn’t feel like doing that either. What to do? How awkward will I feel sitting alone? Seriously, am I in middle school?

So I decided I would walk back to the bar, order a glass of wine and a sandwich.  I’m 46 ~ this was not that big of a deal. So I did it. I ordered the wine, tuned into the Duke – Virginia Tech game on the huge screen and ordered my sandwich. I felt like a grown-up, although I did text my sister to tell her that I could not wait for her to arrive in the morning.

What I’m Reading these Days…

I used to love trashy magazines (I’m talking People and the likes filled with celebrity gossip and stolen pictures). Then I had kids and started receiving Ladies Home Journal in my mailbox. When my oldest started reading, she would read anything she could get her hands on, looking at some of the articles, even in that magazine, through her eyes made me cancel the subscription. Several years ago my new favorite magazine became Real Simple. Love that magazine and everyone in the house can read every article.

For Christmas I asked for SHAPE magazine, my daughter couldn’t remember what I had asked for and got me a subscription to Prevention. Seriously, I have gone from People to Prevention. Good Grief.
What really cracked me up was yesterday as I sat in an office for an appointment, I picked up Arthritis Today and I actually found a few articles that were interesting. This seems like cause for concern.