Unexpected Life

Tree with LifeSometimes life shows up in unexpected places.

While walking my dog last night this tree stopped me in my tracks, it made no sense. How does this fresh & vibrant burst of life spring from what appears  to be dead? So many analogies to be made here, right? Especially if you follow Jesus – who happens to be all about bringing life from death.

Our son – many miles away, is beginning to display growth sprouts out of places that honestly were appearing to be dead, and so I found this tree an incredibly encouraging picture. We’ve seen our boy make right choices for periods of time before, “behave” if you will. But I’m feeling that is not what we are experiencing right now – I believe we may be seeing new growth. Actual new life springing from some dry and dusty places.

So, this tree…it created a meaningful and beautiful depiction for me. Not just of my son, but of me. I used to be the “dead” tree, but then I developed a relationship with Jesus. A relationship begun by a simple request that I knew I didn’t understand. At a Hearts at Home conference 15 years ago I sang the words “Come into my heart Lord Jesus” I prefaced those words by whispering, “I don’t really know what this means, but I know I mean it.” Some of my dry and dusty places were brought to new life after that whisper and song.

As I look at this tree I am aware that there are likely some places in me still that could use new life. I am reminded that even as I watch for and enjoy the new life beginning in our guy, I need to ask God to search me and know my heart – seeing if there are dead places that need new life within me.


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